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Contrary to popular belief, I am a GIRL. I am also STRAIGHT.


My children, to the webpage of NIF.

What is NIF, you ask? Well, only some are priviledged to know. The rest of you can continue in your ignorant bliss.

You need to look around at everything, like the Shiloh High Band of Generals page, which hasn't been updated in oh, a few YEARS. Oh, but do sign the petition to save Herbert, he's a really good sofa. Try the Chamber of Horrors. It's always good for some nice clean family fun!

Is this blinking text hard to read? Is it bothering you? I'm sorry. Beat it. With a spatula.

The Chamber of Horrors!
The Shiloh High Band of Generals
Friends/Links page -- Back by popular demand!
The Bob Battles -- back by even MORE popular demand!
The Slackers Society
Poll Page Hey, you're here! Waste more time and take a poll!
Save Herbert the Friendly Sofa! The campaign center!

Hiya hiya hiya! Are ya having a good day? If you aren't, try pushing that loverly button. It's bee-yoo-tee-ful.
okay okay okay....I've finally updated, so sue me. It's not much, just a kind of new look, hope you like it.

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