Bob-o's Friends and Links Page

  1. The WeatherGuy (Not to be confused with WeatherMan)
  2. Marlovian
  3. The Peachy GusGus
  4. The Nugget (Who has no webpage :)
  5. WeatherMan (Not to be confused with WeatherGuy)
  6. FoundFlame's Flamy Page (Pyro's 'R Us)
  7. Ben-o
  8. BotFlame (see Foundflame)
  9. The Treefrog
  10. The evasive milkman
  11. Adam
  12. It's the Spoon!
  13. Tamani Purcell
  14. Garland's Page
  15. Caleb's Page!
  16. The Sad Cow's Page
  17. Toddle's Page!
  18. The Nefarious Joanie's Page

  1. mIRC download It's a chat program that's really cool...look on my stats page for my IRC nicks
  2. Florida College Where I plan to go in 2 years!
  3. The Online Guitar Archive It's got chords and tabs for almost all songs...
  4. Bonehead's Bank Holiday One of the funniest Oasis pages ever...
  5. The Verve One of my fave bands..

Probly to be added to. When I have time. Hahahaha!!

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