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Save Herbert the Friendly Sofa!

A call to arms!

Imagine this. You are one of the most loved sofas in the world. You were purchased by four college girls from the thrift store for about 14 bucks. They call you Herbert, give you lots of attention and single socks to eat. You are happy as can be. When, suddenly... *insert scary music here* DUN DUN DUN, you are rejected from your living quarters by the dorm mother.

I'm sniffling just reading that. Having had my own interaction (he gave me a love nip) with Herbert the Friendly Sofa while visiting the wonderful world of Florida College, I cringe at this terrible injustice that has been dealt. This crushing blow. *sniffle* And being separated from his love Herberta, who resides in Dicus? SHOCKING! And then being somewhat replaced by a chair named Ned?!? (Sorry Ned, I'm not dissing you, I just love ole' Herby!)

This shall now be known as the Save Herbert Center! for the campaigning of the saving of this wonderful item of furniture who is so much more. So sign the petition, and make sure that if you have any ideas on how we might do a better campaign job, please contact the editing staff here

Sign the Save Herbert petition! (yeah I know it says guestbook, but I haven't the time or the know how to make a form!)

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