The Slackers Society

Welcome to the official webpage of the Slackers Society

We are an official non-organization (Organizing is work, and we are slackers) of slackers. We don't do work that much, and we sometimes sleep in class. At least, that was last year. This year we are really trying (ugh...hate that word :) to do better, because if we don't, all our parents have agreed they are going to severely kick butt.

So right now, Jenny's leading the Chem class with a 102 average, Adam is actually doing his homework, as is Cristina, and we're all actually awake for class sometimes.

At least, in every subject but History and Spanish, for Jenny, and History and Acting for Adam. Social Studies gets dull with the teaher jabbering on and on about the war of 1812, till you lose her, so you might as well go to sleep.

But, still, it is a lot better than it was last year.

Lisa thinks she's a slacker, but she's really not. She has too many high grades for that.

I am (was) the queen of slackers. I was really really bad. I slept in a lot of classes. But now I'm semi reformed. As long as we don't go to the library.....

And what we do in the library is...We slack. You see, I could be doing research. But I have till the end of the semester.

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