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Hi! Welcome to Train Engineer Bob's Trainyard!!!

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The Bob Battles

The Beatles Interactive Story


Welcome, one and all, to the fantastic world of Train Engineer Bob. You may call me Bob, if you like, we try to keep it informal here. I'm glad you could join me here on this marvalous tour. Please, come in...Watch that step! It's a bit broken.

I'll be your tour guide today. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please direct them in written format to Train Engineer Bob

Our first stop will be the poetry gallery, full of poetry written by all sorts of people, but mostly our wonderful benefactor, Bob. It gets mighty lonely out there alone on the trains, when you going through Kansas or some other state that's flat and boring (J!!!! }:) and so, I write poetry to keep myself amused. There's nothing more inspiring than a bunch of wheat fields.

The Poetry Gallery

The Epic

That's it for now...Too lazy to put anymore up...takes too long to type it all.

Who is Train Engineer Bob?

An extremely interesting person. A long story. A train engineer. Mostly a train engineer.

That's me. Train Engineer Bob.

The polls have been removed due to stupidity.


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Do you hate whiny singers? So do I! So here's a couble of tributes to them.

The Anti-Alanis Page!

(This page has some wordage on it)

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Welll....STUPID TOAST COMPANY had to stop offering their "wonderful" *cough cough* service anymore so now I have to resort to GuestWorld...

WOW! A GUESTBOOK! I had to conform because not many people give out logbooks anymore. What is the world coming to?

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