Welcome to the Bob-o Stats Page

Hi! Welcome to my stats page...So far there's not much. That doesn't mean I'm not a cool person. I consider myself a very cool person. Except when I am on a train, shoveling coal into the furnace. Then I get very hot.

Enough of that.

Name: Jenny aka Bob (Train Engineer Bob, Bob-o, Super Bob-o, ZEKE, Taco, Bob-a-looney...you get the picture)
Occupation: Train Engineer (High school freshman, but I do that on the side)
Nicks: (For IRC...) Bob-o, Train_Engineer_Bob, Super_Bob-o, AwayBob
hobbies: Classical guitar, Flute, Piccolo, Spiderman, music, singing in the shower :)
I collect: noisemakers to have fun with at football games (Marching band is VERY entertaining..*cough cough*)
dream car: A hunter green '97 jeep with a CD player and plenty of speakers in it...But I'm quite happy with The Wreck (A '92 Dodge Shadow with a crunched in bumper and rust spots that I got for $1000 :)
fave color: hunter green and dark blue
fave sport: SOCCER!! (In a close second...Baseball)
fave cartoons: SPIDERMAN!!! SPIDEY!! Spiderman FOREVER!! YAY!!
fave holidays: Arbor Day
fave things to wear: comfy split jeans with a t-shirt or adidas pullover with soccer socks and adidas sandals
Birthday: May 5th (all major credit cards and gifts are accepted ;)

That's about it...Anything I forgot?? Lemme know

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