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Welcome to Bob's (OR Zeke's, whichever you know ;) Picture Page!

This is a page where all of my weird or crazy pictures will go. There will soon be a bunch of them.

Here are the "real" Men In Black. Pay no attention to the man with the razor. He is not important, and he screams like a girl when you quee him. ;)

It's 7 o clock in the morning, of course they look tired!
From left to right WetherMan, GusGus, The Spoon, Ben-o, and Wanda. (Don't ask)

My brother, John, also known as Wanda. (Another one of those don't ask things)

awwww....It's a little baby Marlovian! Maybe she'll grow up to be a MangoZinger! ;)

Isn't he cute? Meet my new boyfriend, Louis! ;)

There will be more of these soon...Amy has to send me pics and I have to get Adam to scan them. Then I can put them on.