This is a new idea I thought up. idea that I stole from many people. Oh well.
I'm going to start a story. And you guys get to add on to it!

Here goes......

One bright morning in the middle of the night....

Once upon a time there were four magical lads. These lads got together and formed a band. "What are we going to call ourselves?" asked Richard, the drummer. He was hired after the other three got rid of an evil man named Pete.

"Let's call ourselves the Silver Beetles." said John, who was the most magical. And the others agreed, except for Paul, who secretly didn't like it. So the Silver Beetles they became. But then John said, "You know, this name's silly." So he renamed the band the Beatles. He was typing it in a letter to a friend, and hit the a key instead of the e key. John thought to himself, "Hey, son, that looks good!"

So they became the Beatles. And all was good. Until a Nefarious Blue Meanie showed up. He decided to ruin the peace that was in the land of Submarine. John said, "This must NOT happen!" and the other three lads agreed. So they decided to put on some silly suits. And they found that they had magical powers that were more magical than the magic they had had before.

Paul shouted, "BEATLES TO BATTLE!" and so they were off to destroy the Nefarious Blue Meanies. But the Head Nefarious Blue Meanie had a plan. He called in some more Nefarious Blue Meanies. And they became the Nefarious Blue Meanie Ary.

"That's okay" said John. He too had a plan.
"When do I get to be in the story?" asked George.
"Never," said the Narrator, "Because you're too ugly and you have teeth like a horse."
"Oh." said George, and he felt very bad. But then he went and burned some incense, and that made him feel better.
"That takes care of you?" said the Narrator.
"What about me? Don't I get to be in the story?" asked Ringo, with a very very sad look about it his face. The Narrator felt bad.

"Yes, you will be. Cheer up!" said the Narrator.

"Okay." said Ringo, and his droopy face undrooped a little bit.

"Now back to the story." said the Narrator. And so they all went back to the story.

John had his own army. An army of good people. They had the magic of the four lads inside them, and it shone out of their faces like sunshine. This was their weapon against the Nefarious Blue Meanie Army.
John said, "All you need is love!" so he began to hand out love to everyone.

And Ringo said, "Help! The blood's rushin' to me 'ead!" and the people laughed, and the rope holding Ringo broke.

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